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A bundle of 3 handmade lavender pillows filled with lavender from Provence. Perfect to add a natural fragrance to your clothes or home. Pop one under your pillow to aid a restful nights sleep or tuck into a sock or linens drawer.

Available in a choice of 3 bundles:

Bees ( includes 1 x bees ,1 x stripes and 1 x natural )

Ocean Grey (includes 1 x ocean, 1 x stripes and 1x blue)

Watercolour Mussels (includes 2 x mussels, 1 x blue/grey )


Pillows 100% cotton and linen

Ribbon 100% polyester

Approx. 9cm x 9cm

The pillows can be given a little squish now and then to refresh the scent.


Handmade in Cornwall

Lavender Pillows

SKU: 0004
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